Tuesday, February 16, 2010

College Bound

College Bound!

Well, as most of you parents know they have to grow up sometime! Our Patrick is turning 18 this March and he will be graduating this June. We have been on the college search for over a year now and it looks pretty certain that he will be going away to college! (Yes I was still holding out that he might decide to stay close to home). There is no doubt that there will be tears in our house come August of this year! (I don’t want him to go) but I am being the strong person that I am and putting on a happy face. Like Patrick says “Mom you still have 6 months don’t cry now!”

Patrick has done a lot of research on what he wants in a college and has visited many of them. He wants the college experience of living on campus, yet wants the small college feel. Doesn’t want the big campus. He was looking for a place where they offered an education as a history major (that’s today’s thought) from what I am told their major can change. He loves history and eventually either wants to teach or work for a museum etc. So I was not surprised that the College we visited yesterday would have that home town feel, be charming, be historical looking, the lunch room looks like something out of Harry Potters book! To top it all off it overlooks the most gorgeous Lake Cayuga

It’s 3 ½ hours away from us, yet I thoroughly enjoyed the drive out there. My concerns while visiting the college were all pertaining to the health issues, yet I find that at this age it really comes down to making sure room mates and teachers are informed but they have to be informed by the student (you know that Hippa law ). The school really seems to offer a lot of individual attention and I definitely got the feeling that this would be a good fit for him. As we walked around the campus I truly fell in love with the feel of this place, I could even find my way around (which is saying a lot because those that know me, know that I get lost going around the corner).

Patrick has already been accepted at this college of choice and as we prepare to send in his deposit I vow to cherish the next 6 months with him!

P.S. August is going to come way to fast! I am also now going to have to come up with a diabetes college bound kit!!!

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