Monday, February 8, 2010

He Remembers

He Remembers

I was having lunch with my 21 year old son Adam the other day and we were talking about growing up and do you remember when. Some of my favorite questions to ask are Did you have a happy childhood, his response I had an awesome childhood. I then took it further and asked Adam what he remembers from his childhood (don’t you ever wonder what your kids remember and why?). Here is his response:

I remember watching “Full House With you snuggled up in your bed
I remember making pepperoni bread with you (this is funny because its really the only thing I cook)
I remember getting our Christmas Ornaments with our Name on them every year from pop (grandfather who has since passed)
I remember the Christmas you surprised us with Nana & PoP being here Christmas Morning When we woke up.
I remember when we went to Vegas on a shoe string (he was 7) and we went swimming and we snuck into the Flamingo Swimming Pool because they had a nicer pool than where we were staying at. (ok you have to put a little adventure into your life)
I remember you holding me when we were trying to get out of MGM that same vacation because it was a mob scene with Mike Tyson and you were afraid I would get lost (who would think he would remember that)!
I remember getting my picture taken A LOT
I remember lots of things mom and they were all with you!

I think he pretty much sums up the good things that matter, and not once were they material things, and what I totally found surprising was that he never once mentioned that he remembers getting diabetes. Giving Hugs, Time and Kisses really are the best memories.

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