Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Never Know

You Never Know

This past week our children had the week off and we did several day trips. For those of us with children who have diabetes we know the drill of making sure that we have everything under the sun with us for the “just in case” because lets face it you never know when you will have an episode .

One of our day trips was to the NYC Titanic Exhibit. This was a wonderful exhibit and we learned so many interesting things about this maiden voyage such as did you know that the life boats were not full! Lot’s of people died who did not have to simply because the boats weren’t all full when they launched them. They also assign you a name of a passenger and they tell you what class you were in and a little bit about the person. You have to wait till the end to see if you survived! Really, really interesting material.

As we waited in line for our tickets to the exhibit Nikki says to me I feel low! I instantly had her test (funny how you learn to test standing in line holding all kinds of things). She showed me the meter and it was 47! No where to sit and we are waiting for our turn in line, we quickly have her drink a large juice box. She is totally acting ok like no biggie so we continue on in line. Right after we get our ticket she says she thinks she is getting low again? Ok, we find a seat and retest, now we are 37! This is where I totally mess it up every time, because now I give her another drink box, a stack of chips, and a couple pieces of chocolate! I am famous for taking her from 37 to 500 in record time. We tested 15 minutes later and she was 88 on her way back up (but how high up is the question) . Since we were in NYC doing a lot of walking (that’s probably what caused the low) I decided to wait till lunch to make any corrections.

We went to David and Buster’s for lunch a fun adult like Chucky Cheese, where she was 209 (not bad for all that she drank and ate). So she was able to correct and enjoy the rest of the day. So you never know when it will hit you so try to prepare for the unknown!

Here is a list of the items I carry with us that help me make it through most episodes yet not be too weighed down. I take : 2 drink boxes, dex 4 tablets, a snack, a site change, a bottle of insulin, a battery, a spare test kit, a couple packets of sugar (from a McDonalds et) spare test strips, a glucagon, injector and fusion tape.

Oh, on the Titanic Nikki was first class, I was 3rd class. I was an 18 year old mother with a baby and Nikki was a 37 year old lady. Hurray we both survived!

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