Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Hate To Cook!

For those who know me well you will understand when I say I don’t cook. I’am not good at it and I really don’t enjoy it. My daughter has grown up thinking men cook! My husband does all the cooking and my boys cook when he doesn’t. I do finger foods and pepperoni bread but that’s about it.

Well Nikki and I decided to surprise everyone the other day and cook supper! With desert! So we went to the market and got everything we needed, spaghetti, sauce in a jar, salad, pre-made meatballs, Italian bread (we thought), and carrot cake in a box to make with frosting.

We got home and started our supper! Nikki set out to make the carrot cake, she has done cooking with her father and at school they are teaching them to cook (lucky Nikki) so she did really well. We had everything ready to mix and I went to get our cake mixer, this is the same cake mixer that we got as a wedding present 31 years ago (remember I told you I don’t good so baking is really not my thing either). So we plug it in and it starts to mix than stops?? We can’t figure out what is wrong with it so we plug it in another outlet, it does the same exact thing, starts and than stops. Well we blew out 2 outlets I guess, no problem we decided to just stir it by hand (after all isn’t that what they did before mixers). We made our carrot cake, and some banana bread. Put together a salad and put on the sauce and meatballs.

Mark (my husband) came in and was thrilled that we surprised him, Patrick came in and said he already ate (after all our hard work) . He has a new job at Moe’s and loves it but not sure yet what it’s doing for his blood sugars and diet! The Italian bread we thought we got was rye Italian bread. Overall it was a good dinner. Nikki and I had fun, she especially liked telling her dad how we blew the outlets in the kitchen.

As we finished our meal in about 20 minutes and I started the chore of cleaning up the mess, I thought. 2 hours to prepare it, only us 3 of us interested in eating it, and 40 minutes to clean up the mess. Nikki had fun shopping for everything, being in charge of her cooking skills, setting the table and just literally having fun “Priceless”

P.S. Patrick ate meatballs later that night and said they were good!

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