Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6 things I Wish They Told Us

6 Things I wish they had told me when we were first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes,

I wish in the early days that they had told us that it was ok to be overwhelmed and that we were not alone, that we had been directed to a support group right away

I wish that we were told that we would be facing up hill battles that would test our strengthen as a family and our faith.

I wish they had told us that we were working with a disease that does not allow us to control it

I wish they had told us that our family would find a bond stronger than anything we could ever dream of

I wish they had told us that we would make friends that would become an important part of our lives, that these friends would be there morning noon and night, the common bond we all share would make us all stronger.

I wish they had told us that we as a family would be able to allow our children to grow and do what ever they wish to do with their life, that we would find the way to help and support our children so that they can accomplish all that they want to and that we would have this inter circle of friends that would always be there to assist us. We will Survive

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month with November 14th being world Diabetes Day, spread the word its time for a cure.

Julie Mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18 and Nikki Tyler almost 13 All have Type 1 Diabetes

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