Friday, November 19, 2010

Sometimes They Surprise You!

Today is Nikki Tyler's 13th birthday! Yes 13 years of our little girl, she has grown so much over the years and we love her so much. Over the years as siblings grow they constantly take pleasure in picking on each other and my children are no different. As a mom you sometimes wonder how can they continue to annoy each other and how you are going to stay sane during it all.

Well I am here to tell you that "sometimes they surprise you". A tradition we have is whenever someone's birthday comes around we all go out to eat to that person's favorite restaurant. This year Adam our oldest had to work so last week he called his sister to see if she wanted to go to a movie, he took her out to a movie, lunch and got her a gift card. Since Patrick is away at school we knew that he would not be available for dinner either. Yesterday a card came addressed to Nikki it was from Patrick telling her that he was sorry he wasn't there to give her a hug and kiss for her birthday and that he loved her, enclosed was a book store gift card for her favorite book store.

Nikki was so happy first that she spent a day with her big brother and second that Patrick who she takes great pleasure in annoying constantly took the time to actually write her a card, of which she said she is going to save as proof that he loves her!

So just when you think you have seen it all they surprise you, and this kind of surprise I will take any day of the week.

Happy Birthday Nikki Tyler who is now officially 13 years old.

Julie Mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18 and Nikki Tyler 13

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