Monday, November 1, 2010

Give The Gift Of Awareness

November is National Diabetes Awareness month, with November 14th being World Diabetes Day. Lets take this month to give the gift of awareness to those that we know. I think it is timely to send friends and families the signs of diabetes. There are so many families that are touched by diabetes we hope that you will use this month to bring awareness to all that you know within your communities.

Warning Signs for Type 1 Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

Knowing the warning signs for type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) could save a life.
Warning signs of type 1 diabetes (these may occur suddenly):

* Extreme thirst
* Frequent urination
* Sudden vision changes
* Sugar in urine
* Fruity, sweet, or wine-like odor on breath

* Increased appetite
* Sudden weight loss
* Drowsiness, lethargy
* Heavy, labored breathing
* Stupor, unconsciousne

If you or someone you love exhibits one or more of these symptoms, call a doctor immediately.

Education about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes is critical because type 1 can easily be mistaken for more common illnesses, such as the flu. JDRF has literature which lists the symptoms and treatments of type 1 diabetes and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)--available for download here.

Each year, approximately 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; over 15,000 are children. That's 35 children each and every day, approximately one child per hour.

Misdiagnosis can have tragic consequences, as the story of the Futrell family of Michigan sadly confirms. Knowing the warning signs of type 1 diabetes can save a life. Please share what you've learned with everyone--family, friends, teachers, doctors. Until a cure is found, the more who know, the more lives will be saved.

Please help JDRF raise awareness about the warning signs of type 1 diabetes--a chronic, debilitating autoimmune disease that is most often diagnosed before the age of 30. As with many diseases, early diagnosis goes a long way toward preventing serious health problems, and even death.

Julie, mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18 and Nikki Tyler (almost 13)

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